The History Of Maplehurst Manor

Maplehurst was completed in 1829 by a British architect, and was the residence of Mr. George Longley, an Englishman and formerly a member of the Assembly for Grenville. The house sits on the banks of the St Lawrence River and is an elegant and commodious stone structure with spacious rooms. It is a superb expression of Neoclassic and regency manners, a formal design that has passed the test of time with flying colors.

Entering Maplehurst Manor Viewed from the road, Maplehurst presents a remarkably wide façade made all the more expansive with two smaller wings, one on each side.

The front entrance is given special emphasis, recessed behind umbrage and topped by a fan lighted gable. What can’t be seen from the front is the extent of the kitchen tail to the rear, which rambles on at great length, incorporating what used to be kitchen, summer kitchen and servants’ quarters and is currently the residents and occupied by the Innkeeper.

Maplehurst is only one of the architectural surprises in Maitland, an underrated stone village just east of Brockville.

It contains any number of buildings, many unspoiled, but the most curious of all is the remains of a windmill just across from Maplehurst where Mr. Longley used to power his gristmill.

When Anne & Glen Cox bought Maplehurst in early 2011, it was a single-family home. They both immediately saw the potential in turning this estate into an upscale & exclusive B&B.

They had decided to semi-retire and this was just the perfect opportunity!

Anne, originally from Belgium, comes with a hospitality background and Glen had a very successful career as President of a well-known market research company in Canada and in Europe . They decided to move back to Canada after spending close to 15 years in Europe, to be close to family

Maplehurst From The Road

Forget Your Worries

Unfortunately tragedy struck and Glen passed away in October of the same year.

Despite this loss and with the help of her dedicated staff, Anne decided to move forward and carry on their project in honor of Glen’s memory.

Today Maplehurst Manor is a beautiful testimonial of their vision and their love for old stones.


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